Bio-Mass Sugar®

A unique formulation of sugars, macronutrients and trace elements
produced from annually renewable feedstock

BioMass Sugar is an emulsifiable formulation of sugarcane extracts and sugarcane hydrolysates containing a range of macronutrients, trace elements and sugars.

Unique Characteristics
  • Produced from Sugarcane - a renewable feedstock
  • Adds nutritional value to soil and plant
  • Stimulates Soil Condition
  • BioMass Sugar is based on renewable feed stock as it is produced annually from sugarcane.
  • BioMass Sugar contains a high percentage of sugarcane based carbohydrates which are rich in carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.
  • BioMass Sugar stimulates the growth of the root system which supports the immunity of the plant against stress factors.

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  • On application of BioMass Sugar to the soil, the sugars are available to provide an additional nutritional value to the micro-organisms in the soil. 
  • The micro-organisms share a symbiotic relationship with the plant, and the presence of these micro organisms contribute to a healthier soil and growing environment.
  • Balancing the carbon to nitrogen ratio of the soil by addition of BioMass Sugar promotes the growth of beneficial organism and increases microbial enzymatic activity.
  • Soil microflora are allowed to develop and beneficial populations contribute to the synergistic metabolism of nutrients in both plant and microbes.
  • Multiple applications of BioMass Sugar during the season strengthen the plant and result in an improved root system. This is a significant advantage as it allows the farmer to strengthen and protect his crop throughout the season and extend growing season length.
  • Good soil condition is stimulated through multiple applications of BioMass Sugar which supports the plants resistance to disease and good yields.
  • BioMass Sugar is ideal for all soil types, especially sandy profiles, as the organic content is continually maintained with repeated use.